Moving from Toronto to Calgary

Moving to CalgaryThere are many reasons you may be considering moving from Toronto to Calgary. For most people considering this move, it’s due to a job opportunity or reassignment. In this case, your company is likely willing to cover all or part of the moving expense. If you’re not moving due to your job, or the prospect of a better job, you may be considering this move for the lower cost of living, the greater proximity to beautiful natural landscapes such as Banff National Park, or for family reasons. Whatever your reason, you can always be sure of one thing: Phillips Moving would be proud and delighted to be your chosen moving company for your move from Toronto to Calgary.

When considering whether you would like to live in Calgary, you may be asking yourself questions regarding the different circumstances in that region of the country. Questions such as whether you’d enjoy the weather, which neighborhoods are the safest to live in, what’s the average cost of a house or apartment, what the people are like, and so on. While you should spend time researching these topics on your own, we can also help answer these questions for you to an extent. After all, we’ve helped countless families relocate from Toronto to Calgary, and we’ve picked up a considerable amount of that knowledge along the way.

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We know that you have a choice in movers and that you’re likely researching and comparing several options right now. That’s why we’d like to take this opportunity to pledge to you that we are committed to making this experience as positive and stress-free as possible. Moving across the country is a big step, but you don’t have to do it alone. Our extensive experience in long distance relocation is unmatched. From packing, loading, transporting, and unloading, we have the experience and equipment to carry out your move safely and efficiently.

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Recent reviews: Moving to Calgary from Toronto

  • Stuff all arrived this afternoon on time – actually a little early! Jeff was wonderful and had his wife, Rhonda, along to help him. They were totally professional and accommodating, moving things to where we needed to have them, and not marking the walls or damaging any of the load. As usual, everything has been top-notch.

    Moving from Toronto to Calgary
    5/ 5

  • Thank you so much for all the help. Pick up went very smoothly, guys were great and did an excellent job.

    Moving from Toronto to Calgary
    5/ 5

  • We would like to sincerely thank each of you for the role that you played in the successful cross country move of Beverly’s personal effects.

    This was a very significant move for Beverly, leaving everyone and everything that was familiar and comfortable for her. When we surprised her yesterday with her fully furnished and decorated suite with all her own furniture, artwork and nicknacks, she was beyond excited. She was extremely grateful for all the planning, organization and logistics of moving her belongings out to Calgary.

    You all made it possible and we thank you for your knowledge, expertise and execution. We will be more than happy to refer your company to friends, family and colleagues should they be planning a move.

    Moving from Mississauga to Calgary
    5/ 5


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