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Ballantrae MoversWhen it’s time to plan your move, whether you’re on your own or relocating a family, there are many aspects to the experience that may bring you stress. Aside from the logistics related to where you’re going and how you’re going to get all of your belongings there, you’re also faced with the decision of which Ballantrae movers to hire for your move. Naturally, you’d like to find a company with experience and a reputation for reliability. And of course, it all has to be done at at reasonable price. Here at Phillips Moving & Storage, we know that situation very well – we work with people planning their moves every single day. And that’s why our main goal is to take the stress out of your moving day. We have been in business for over 90 years as a Ballantrae moving company – that’s a whole lot of experience under our collective belts! So call us today and we’ll show you how moving can be simplified.

Ballantrae is a relatively small town of about 1,500 people situated on an area of less than one square mile. It’s located just north of Whitchurch-Stouffville, east of Newmarket and Aurora, and west of Uxbridge. The town’s name comes from County Donegal, Ireland, where there’s a village called Ballintra. One of the larger lakes in the area, Musselman’s Lake, is located in Ballantrae as well. This is an area that was previously well forested, but has experienced some deforestation over time. A side effect of deforestation is that the water table rises, so if you’re moving to a house with a basement, make sure to check for moisture and get insurance that includes basement flooding.

There are not many large employers in Ballantrae, so most people don’t move here for work. As Ballantrae movers, we’ve observed that most people simply enjoy the area. It’s a nice community in which to live and raise a family. Being about 55 kilometres outside of Toronto, it’s not necessarily where you’d want to live if you’re commuting daily to work downtown. However, it is close enough that you can get to Toronto in about an hour when you need to. Another consideration of moving to Ballantrae is that there is a plan for a new airport to be built nearby in the coming years. This may or may not be something you consider a benefit of living in the area. On the one hand, it would mean more noticeable airplane traffic overhead, but on the other hand, it could make travel very convenient for you if you fly relatively often.

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