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office movingIf you’re looking for office movers in Toronto or you need another kind of commercial relocation, Phillips Office Moving Services will make it easy to move your business or office within the GTA.

Minimizing your downtime is high on your list of priorities, and organization is the key. A detailed map of your new layout will make your move quicker and minimize any confusion.

Phillips has moved the offices of Thompson Hotels, Aventis Consulting, CHUM, City TV, Toronto Theatre Alliance, and KPMB Architects, Czech Airlines, Crawford Technology, Academy of Learning, Theatre Direct, Terraquip, Lord Cultural, Sigma XL, Bio-Lab/Chemtura, Better Living Health, Midwife Alliance, Boys and Girls Club, Expertech, Delta Airlines, Canadian Food Industry Council, Bank of Montreal, Bayshore, Corporate Concept, Inago Corp. and many more.

Secure storage is available in our climate-controlled, security-monitored warehouse.

Count on us to make your office move smooth and efficient. And if your move involves employee relocation, make sure to ask us about how we could fulfill your needs.


Planning Your Office Move

Filing Cabinets:

Unless the move involves a stair carry, conventional or 2 drawer filing cabinets can be moved with the contents inside, but all breakables removed.

Contents of 4 drawer, lateral, or wall filing cabinets must be removed and properly packed.

Computers and specialized equipment:

Consult the manufacturer or supplier – in most cases this equipment will require servicing before and after the move.

Server relocation and IT equipment moving:

If your office relocation involves moving servers and other types of IT equipment, let us know. We’ll come up with a plan to move these items safely and strategically to minimize server downtime.


Prepare a floor plan of your new premises and employ a labelling system. We will gladly assist you.

Colour-coded labels will make the move go smoothly and quickly.

Labelling tips:

  • Desks should be labelled on the top surface of the desk on the far right corner.
  • Label chairs at the top on the back. Chair cushions should also be labelled.
  • Filing cabinets should be labelled on the front of the top drawer. All sections of the sectional filing cabinets should be labelled.
  • Each section of bookcases should be labelled on the upper front surface.
  • Mark all components of furniture which may become separated during the move.
  • Filing cabinets in rows should be labelled consecutively to avoid re-handling.


A complete packing job is essential for an efficient move. Our experienced professional packers are available on a time plus materials rate.

  • Cartons, tape and bubble wrap are available for purchase, and we will arrange delivery for you.
  • Stationery and supplies stored in cabinets must be packed.
  • The bottom of each carton must be properly taped.
  • Fill cartons to the top and tape securely. Do not over-fill the cartons as they will be stacked during transit.
  • Pictures and mirrors must be taken down and leaned against the walls. Special cartons will be brought on moving day to transport them safely.

General Suggestions:

Make arrangements for uninterrupted elevator service at both your origin and destination. Our representative will advise you on elevator requirements.

  • Rugs should be taken up and re-laid in advance.
  • Water coolers, pencil sharpeners and other fixtures should be removed from the walls before the time of the move.
  • Limit your own personnel just enough to maintain proper liaison with our supervisor.
  • Employee cars and company vehicles must be removed from loading and unloading zones. Trucks require a large area for backing up and turning.


We will need to tip your desks on end so that they can be moved on a dolly. We suggest that you:

  • Empty drawers and place the contents in a carton,
  • Wrap breakables in paper before packing in cartons,
  • Gather small items such as pins, paper clips in an envelope, and
  • Bundle papers, pens, and other loose items together with a rubber band.


All books, papers and breakables should be removed and packed in boxes or bins prior to moving day.


Office Moving in Toronto

When looking for commercial movers in Toronto, don’t hesitate to call Phillips Moving & Storage. We have over 90 years of experience with all types of relocations in the Toronto area. Our clients’ testimonials speak for themselves – here are just a few:

  • I just wanted to say thank you again for all your assistance with our move. It went great… and I really appreciate all you and Laura did to help.

    Moved within Toronto
    5/ 5

  • The crew was great.

    Office move within an office building
    5/ 5

  • Thanks for your services – I think the move went very well for us and we would definitely use you again.

    IT Server relocation from North York to downtown Toronto
    5/ 5

  • Thank you to the guys for all their hard work.

    Moving in Downtown Toronto
    5/ 5

  • Please extend our thanks to the men once again, they were professional and very friendly. The move went speedily and with no issues. If ever requested I will definitely recommend your services. Great job boys.

    Office moving in Newmarket
    5/ 5

  • I just wanted to thank you for your help and service for our 2 big moves. You have a great crew and everything went smoothly.

    Office move in Downtown Toronto
    5/ 5


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