Green Screen: Toronto’s Outdoor Film Program

Green Screen: Toronto’s Outdoor Film Program

Do you remember the last time you enjoyed watching that classic ’70’s film on the big screen of your favorite drive thru on a warm summer night, as the sun set, with popcorn and drink in hand? The feeling couldn’t be beat, could it? Well, you can revive those memories again in 2018, on the green, with some company, at the Christie Pits Film Festival in Toronto!

Screened at the Christie Pits Park, in Toronto, ON, transport yourself to the global metropolis via the big screen at the Christie Pits Film Festival. Having started on June 24th, and continuing up until the end of the summer months on August 19th (in other words, before the weather beings to get a little too cool for comfort), you can look forward to a different film being showcased every week. This year’s theme is Cinematic Cities, so naturally, a few of the classics being showcased, are…:

– Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing (New York)

– John Waters’ Hairspray (the opening night feature, filmed in Baltimore)

Amélie (Paris)

– and many more great classics which you’ll recognize almost instantly!

This festival brings together neighbors and visitors of Toronto to enjoy the shared appreciation and experience of cinema, so cozy up, and bring the blankets out. Movie theatres are overrated anyway.

If you’re up for a nice movie night outdoors one week this summer, then get started on making it a date by familiarizing yourself with the area where the festival is being held, and by finding out further specifics on the festival’s official website. If you’re interested, check out the original post on this event as well.

Have a nice evening!


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