Toronto Light Festival: Behold the Pretty Lights!

Toronto Light Festival: Behold the Pretty Lights!

We’re probably re-stating the obvious, but given it’s added historic nostalgia factor, Toronto’s Distillery District offers much more than great food, music, beer, tours, and shops. This winter season, from January 18 to March 3, 2019, be prepared to be amazed by the glamour and glow of the third annual Toronto Light Festival! Experience Toronto in a way like never before, enjoying the creativity showcased by local and international artists via Light Art. Maybe you’re looking for some last minute plans in the city on a weekend this winter, or just need to cheer yourself up. Well, why not warm yourself up and put a smile on your face by stepping into the light; let us give you several reasons why you might like to attend.


Taking place every day within the specified timespan, you will be able to enjoy:


Over 30 unique exhibits to explore. 30 plus artists from across the globe will be displaying their prized sculptures over the duration of the Toronto Light Festival. That means you’ll have the privilege of experiencing the craftsmanship of over 30 varied personalities coming from many diverse backgrounds and derive their inspirations from a plethora of influences. If you’re keen on finding out just who some of these artists are, then you may be interested in checking out the full lineup and bios.


An uplift in spirit. Enter an enlightening and positive environment created with the objective of collectively lifting the city of Toronto’s joy, in the midst of a modern day world where the masses are continuously bombarded with constant negativity. To find out more about what this festival is, check out this brief interview which StyleDemocrary conducted with Co-Founder of the Distillery Restaurants Corporation, Matt Rosenblatt, on the topic.


Being mesmerized seven days a week. No, seriously. From 6:00pm to 10:00pm from Sunday to Wednesday, and 6:00pm to 11:00pm from Thursday to Saturday, you can revisit the lights multiple times (perhaps even within the same week), up until March 3. Don’t feel pressured to have to check out every exhibit dispersed over the Distillery District all in one night, especially once you hear about this next perk…


New restaurants and packages to take advantage of. If you’re the type of person who enjoys returning for multiple visits, then you could always just take a break from the festival and sidestep down any of the other avenues the Distillery has to offer, whether it’s grabbing a bite, a beer, or checking out some shops. While we’re on that subject, why not use it as an opportunity to check out The Distillery District’s newest restaurant, Madrina Bar y Tapas? Travelling from out of town or from out of the city, and need overnight accommodations? You’ll like this offer – hey, just call it a special occasion. (Note: if that price makes you frown, this next point won’t…)


Free of charge admission. That’s right – the Toronto Light Festival is open for everyone to enjoy. If we had to venture a guess though, the only condition is probably that you leave filled with joy from your visit!


We’ll stop there, but does reading this short list of benefits make you want to find out more? Move forward into the light by checking out the Toronto Light Festival’s official event website for all program specifics, as well as these two articles covering the event from blogTO and StyleDemocrary for all information sourced above.

Winter is no reason to hibernate, so get on outside and experience what our great city has to offer! Let the warmth of the light brighten up your day (and, well…your -20 degree evening no less), and leave you with a smile! Here’s a sneak peek of what you’re in for.

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