The Second City: Laugh Yourself to Tears

The Second City: Laugh Yourself to Tears

We all enjoy a nice daily joke, laugh, or chance to be amused. Are you craving your next one (as in, the kind where tears begin to stream down your face and your stomach starts to hurt)? Whether for a date or just for fun, checking out interactive-based comedy performances at The Second City may be a very good place to turn to.

Fostering generations of superstars and now well known household names of the entertainment industry (you probably know some of them…do Eugene Levy, John Candy, and Dan Aykroyd ring a bell?), The Second City all began in Chicago in December of 1959. Having been active for over 50 years now with locations in Toronto, Chicago, and Hollywood, the small cabaret theatre has grown to become the most influential and prolific comedy empire in the world.


Speaking of the Toronto location, here’s some of what’s happening over the month of March on the Mainstage Theatre, bound to keep you entertained and in stiches:


The Second City Mainstage 82nd Revue – a celebration of The Second City’s favorite sketches from ‘The Best is Yet to Come Undone’ and a brand new collection of sketches, absurd characters, and hilarious songs inspired by the ridiculous, ever-changing world.

Hooking Up With The Second City – this show takes shots at heartbreak, missed connections and the mire of human relationships. Your friends, your parents, even your blind date will find something achingly familiar to laugh at!

The Second City Improv Showdown – in a winner takes all comedy showdown, two teams of hilarious top-notch improvisers will pit off against each other fuelled by weird suggestions and energized by audience volunteers, all in a desperate attempt to become the heavyweight comedy champions of the world!

RiOT!19 – Ryerson’s University’s Sketch Comedy Troupe performs a collection of their written sketches.


You’ll find the specifics and details on all performances listed above, and anything else interesting which you may want to discover about this comedy and improv-based company right over here. The Second City offers so much for every age group ranging from classes to programs, so there’s a lot to find.


Anyway, if you do end up seeing a show here in the near future, prepare to be thoroughly entertained, and to be keeling over in your seat by the end of it! Ha!


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