Shipping Motorized Vehicles

Shipping Motorized Vehicles

Welcome to our “Customs With Katy!” blog feature, where we focus on customs-related topics, brought to you by none other than Phillips’ very own Move Coordinator, Katy Duncan! This week, our topic of choice will be tips regarding the shipping of motorized vehicles across the border:


When shipping motorized vehicles of any kind (such as scooter’s, ATV’s or gator’s) from Canada to the USA, you MUST ensure that the fuel is reduced to only a quarter tank. This will reduce the risk of danger to your shipment as a result of excess fuel. In addition, the serial number of the motorized vehicle must be given to your mover in advance of crossing the border. The reason for this is so that your driver is prepared in the possible event that US customs requests visual confirmation that the serial number provided in advance, matches the serial number physically present upon the vehicle itself at the time of crossing.


For additional customs tips, we recommend that you routinely check our bi-weekly news updates.


Until next time, stay safe and stay customs compliant!


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