Shipments Heading North Bound

Shipments Heading North Bound

Welcome to our “Customs With Katy!” blog feature, where we focus on customs-related topics, brought to you by none other than Phillips’ very own Move Coordinator, Katy Duncan! When sending the shipments of your goods north bound from the USA up into Canada, here’s what you’ll need to keep in mind:


For shipments going north bound (from the USA into Canada), the shipment must travel under the name of the shipper that will be clearing the goods at Canada customs. In addition, when the shipper crosses the border back into Canada, they must complete a CBSA B4 form indicating “goods to follow” along with their respective depreciated values. This form will be matched up with their shipment when the driver and shipper both meet at customs to clear the shipment prior to delivery.


To review:  Get acquainted with the CBSA B4 form so that you know what to expect when you meet up with your driver at customs. For additional customs tips, we recommend that you routinely check our bi-weekly news updates.


As always, until next time, stay safe and stay customs compliant!


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