FAQ’s of Phillips Moving Part 3 – Relocating Unique Items

FAQ’s of Phillips Moving Part 3 – Relocating Unique Items

We recently sat down with our sales team to compile a list of Phillips’ top moving & relocation FAQ’s. In this segment, we’ll walk you through everything pertaining to our ability to relocate as well as any requirements regarding the relocation of unique or specialty items.


In fielding hundreds of customer inquiries per month throughout the booking to moving process, and in helping move several delighted families and individuals, below are the most common inquiries we receive regarding relocating such items:


Q. I’m moving residences to Vancouver, BC – can you move my vehicle too?

A. Yes, we can absolutely take care of relocating your personal vehicle to BC or anywhere else in Canada. We can even relocate vehicles to the US and Internationally as well. There are some customs requirements that need to be satisfied before moving a vehicle outside of Canada but we can provide you with guidance to assess whether or not your vehicle is eligible to be exported. Please contact us on this particular matter for more details.


Q. We have an Office Move coming up. Can you help us move our I.T. Equipment?

A. Of course we can! Give us two days to relocate your sensitive I.T. and Server equipment – we’ll handle all disconnection and re-connection, and you’ll be back online in no time. We understand that this equipment is among, if not, THE most important physical items in your business, and just how important it is to minimize server downtime. For further details on how we’ll accomplish this for you, check out this page of our website.


Q. “Dude, what about my guitars?”

A. We can move them, no problem. Guitars travel best inside the manufacturer’s hard travel case, however. If you don’t have one, we do sell custom guitar boxes which work just as well with the addition of a little packing paper inside the box to protect the instrument.


Stay tuned for more FAQ’s which will be periodically updated to this category over time. If you’re interested in checking out other categories of FAQ’s that we typically receive, then we recommend clicking here for updates every so often. We trust that these answers will clear up any uncertainties you may have, and we look forward to moving you and/or your family (again) in the near future! Thank you for your consideration.


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