FAQ’s of Phillips Moving Part 2 – Costing & Budgeting

FAQ’s of Phillips Moving Part 2 – Costing & Budgeting

We recently sat down with our sales team to compile a list of Phillips’ top moving & relocation FAQ’s. In this segment, we’ll walk you through everything pertaining to quotes/estimates, how we determine the cost of your move, as well as helpful tips on how to effectively budget for your move.


In fielding hundreds of customer inquiries per month throughout the booking to moving process, and in helping move several delighted families and individuals, below are the most common inquiries we receive regarding costing & budgeting:


Q. How much does it cost to move with Phillips?

A. It really depends on two main criteria; how many possessions you need to move and where exactly you are moving from and to. Not to worry, our expert Relocation Consultants Laura and Moe, are more than happy and prepared to work with you to help you understand the costs involved with your unique move.


Q. Do you sell insurance?

A. We are a fully insured and reputable mover that has been in business since 1923, however, we are not an insurance company so we don’t sell “insurance”. We appreciate that you are concerned about your possessions so our guess is that you really want to know if your goods will be covered in case of an accident during transit, and the answer is yes. Basic valuation protection is included in every move and we can even offer you extra valuation protection if our basic coverage doesn’t meet your needs. Our crews are very experienced and very careful, however, accidents still happen. Please contact us to find out more about our valuation protection coverage. If you wish to have your goods fully insured, please contact your home insurance company. Depending on your policy with them, your goods may be fully insured during your move.


Q. How is the weight of my shipment determined?

A. Long distance moves across Canada and to the USA are charged based on the weight of your effects. The truck scales before loading your shipment and then scales again after. The first weight is subtracted from the second weight to get the “actual scaled weight” for your effects. The actual scaled weight is then used to calculate the final charges for your shipment, so it is very important that the weight is accurate. You have the right to see your scale tickets and you can even request to be present for both scaling procedures if your wish. For more details, please contact our office.


Stay tuned for more FAQ’s which will be periodically updated to this category over time. If you’re interested in checking out other categories of FAQ’s that we typically receive, then we recommend clicking here for updates every so often. We trust that these answers will clear up any uncertainties you may have, and we look forward to moving you and/or your family (again) in the near future! Thank you for your consideration.


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