Niagara: Exploring-on-the-Lake

Niagara: Exploring-on-the-Lake

It’s officially that time of year where the air finally has a nip to it, the autumn leaves begin to fall (get it?), and you just want to cozy up with a warm (insert your drink of choice here). It’s also not a bad idea to take a nice (and potentially long) weekend up to one of those small, quaint Ontario towns with bustling streets and shops. You could say that the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake is one of them, and here is a short list of reasons why you should pack your bags, and head up for a weekend. Close your eyes, take a deep breath in, and imagine the following:


(side note:  you should probably do this within the next month though, before you may not be able leave your driveway, let alone your home. We live in Canada, after all.)


1. Proximity to the falls. Niagara-on-the-Lake is fairly close by to Niagara Falls, Ontario (and Clifton Hill) (about a half hour or less drive away), so there is more than enough adventure and exploration that will await you with so much to see and do. If the weather is a little too inclimate this time of year and you don’t quite feel like venturing out too far, however, the next reason to check out the nearby town is because of the…

2.  Breadth of Activities, Excursions & Experiences. Perhaps the major tourist spots are not quite for you, and that’s fine! The Lake is home to many wineries (and breweries), shops, historic bed and breakfasts, attractions and restaurants for you to enjoy if you’re looking for a more intimate getaway. Those don’t even cover the remaining offerings (which will likely have something for everyone), or more importantly, the…

3.  Nostalgia. Best described as the “Niagara-on-the-Lake Effect”, it is a common feeling described by many which is difficult to pinpoint, but starts with high agriculture, heritage, and cultural roots. It may be small, but it’ll leave an impact and a sense of longing. You’re bound to have some great memories here. That, of course, will only be augmented by our next tip…:

4. A nice way to meet like-minded people and (new) friends. This is especially for those exploring the local cuisine, wineries/breweries, or even if you happen to be staying at a local B&B. You never know the personalities you’ll engage with over a meal or activity, or, if they happen to be a “friend of a friend” to say the least. “Stranger” things have happened. Those experiences may be a great compliment to…

5. A family getaway. Whether spending it with the kids, the in-laws/parents, or both, it’s bound to be a fun gathering/reunion away from the stresses (okay, we mean fun) of daily life, which happens to be convenient, given the fact that Thanksgiving passed recently (if you’d like a reason to celebrate again).


Sound good? You may want to check out this website for further details, and to kick-start the planning of your next getaway. As a close compliment, check out this blog post of ours as well.


Now open your eyes. Did this all sound better than spending a weekend raking the leaves, cleaning the house, and paying the bills? Okay, then start packing!


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