Local Cuisine: Double Up On Manipura Doubles!

Local Cuisine: Double Up On Manipura Doubles!

Get ready to double up! This food trike, stocked with the savory flavors of West-Indian style dishes can be found roaming the streets of Toronto in a different place on any different day of the week this summer. Here are four reasons why you should make the attempt to track down Toronto’s zesty, Trinidad-inspired local cuisine known as Manipura Doubles:


1. The menu… Is mouthwatering! And, is reasonably priced for the value you’re getting. You should have a look!

2. Accessibility. The Mainpura Doubles food trike is situated in a different, bustling pocket of Toronto four to five days out of the week. Below is a typical schedule for your convenience:

Tuesday & Thursday: Liberty Village (lunch service), Wednesday: Scotia Plaza Farmers Market, Friday and Saturday: Trinity Bellwood’s Park (evenings)

Note, however, that schedules will vary often (due to several pop-up events), so be sure to keep up to date on where you can find the cart every week! That shouldn’t be hard though; you’ll typically find it where other food trucks are not.

3. The customers love it! It’s one thing to make this claim, but it’s another to see the proof. Manipura Doubles really is an up and coming thriving small business on wheels.

4. Catering Options. That’s right! Just when you thought the cart stopped with great local cuisine, mobile app users and bride and grooms to-be, take note: Owner/Operator Lucas Boers offers Uber Eats and Wedding catering services as well. Keep that in mind!


Hopefully this list reminds you of why you should support small and local businesses. Lucas is on a mission to share and spread these aromatic West-Indian eats through the streets of Toronto. If that mission resonates with you too, and you’d like to follow the trike around town, then we definitely recommend keeping tabs and/or getting in touch.


All contact information can be found through Manipura Doubles’ Facebook page. Don’t forget about Instagram! Plus, you should download the Street Food App for their catering services, and check out this Toronto Life article for another perspective on how deliciously authentic the food is (the profile is fifth on the list).


Now, eat up!


(Thumbnail photo credits: Lucas Boers, Manipura Doubles Food Trike)


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