Inadmissible Customs Items Part 1

Inadmissible Customs Items Part 1

Welcome to our “Customs With Katy!” blog feature, where we focus on customs-related topics, brought to you by none other than Phillips’ very own Move Coordinator, Katy Duncan! Whether relocating by vehicle or by flight, border officials will not permit certain (groups of) items to cross the border with you. In Part 1 of this two-part post, we’ll walk you through what those first three groups of inadmissible customs items are, as well as the steps you can take to avoid having to part with them unintentionally:


When moving to and from the USA, keep in mind that some items should not be included in your shipment for transit. The following items will have your shipment seized at the border and will incur extra charges to you as the shipper:


1. Articles for the account of other persons transporting your family’s items are okay, so long as they are legally allowed to live in the USA.
2. Firearms and/or ammunition if you decide to haul these items in your vehicle when moving, ensure that you have all paperwork/necessary documentation on hand, so as to avoid any issues once you arrive at the border.
3. Fruits, plants, seeds, meats, or birds if you do not expect to consume most or all of these prior to your cross-border move, we suggest donating those items to a food bank, or using up any leftovers by throwing yourself a goodbye party.


If you do wish to bring any of the above items with you for your relocation, it is suggested that you keep them on your person, whether you decide to travel in your personal vehicle or store them in your carryon luggage for air travel. Customs officers will examine, dispose of, or charge duties when and where they see fit to do so, so prepare accordingly.


To review: Be sure to include these inadmissible customs items in your final checklist (and understand the caveats) before relocating so that resources are not wasted unnecessarily. You may be interested in checking out Part 2 of this post as well to find out the other three groups of items. For additional customs tips, we also recommend that you routinely check our bi-weekly news updates.


As always, until next time, stay safe and stay customs compliant!


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