Gypsy Moth, Certificate of Self Inspection

Gypsy Moth, Certificate of Self Inspection

Welcome to our “Customs With Katy!” blog feature, where we focus on customs-related topics, brought to you by none other than Phillips’ very own Move Coordinator, Katy Duncan! As you¬†embark across the border, ensure that you follow these tips in order to thoroughly complete a Gypsy Moth, Certificate of Self Inspection:


If you are moving from Canada to the USA, be prepared to complete a ‘Gypsy Moth, Certificate of Self Inspection’ form. This document is mandated by US customs and is to be completed and signed by the owner of the household effects being shipped into the USA. The form is a declaration, by the shipper, that their goods are free of Gypsy Moths.


Every state enforces the use of this form differently, so as the saying goes, it is better ‘to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it’. For example,¬†California is one state which is very strict in demanding that the form be supplied, and if it is not, then they will quarantine your effects.


To review: Ensure that you review this sample form, and complete your self inspection thoroughly prior to your cross-border move. For additional customs tips, we recommend that you routinely check our bi-weekly news updates.


As always, until next time, stay safe and stay customs compliant!


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