Blue Mountain: Get Your Rush on the Slopes!

Blue Mountain: Get Your Rush on the Slopes!

Imagine this; you’ve purchased your ski or snowboard package and lift pass, gotten your equipment ready, and slowly trudge your way through the thin snow over to one of the many ski lifts located around the resort. After a fairly quick wait, you’re on your way, taking a ski lift up 1,407 feet to the summit, with the crisp winter air whipping across your face. After a few minutes, you anticipate the end of the lift, preparing yourself to jump off and in quick succession, you raise the safety bar, get your balance, and…off you go! Down a short slope, a slow swerve to the left or right. You regain balance, look ahead, and marvel at the sight in front of you; there you stand, towering over Blue Mountain Resort and all of Collingwood, Ontario with Georgian Bay meeting your eyes at the horizon. Your fellow skiers and snowboarders below appear the size of dots. You slowly approach the lip of a four-part hill which takes you down to the base of the mountain, at a steep drop. The trill begins; with only one way down, all that remains is to push off…

Does this sound like a rush you’d like to experience first hand? Well, book a chalet (or even a hotel) pack your bags, grab your family or a few friends, load up the vehicle, and take the two to three hour trip up to Collingwood for a few days or a long weekend before winter’s end this year, so you can take advantage of the icy slopes before they melt! Blue Mountain’s nostalgic and intimate atmosphere will leave you longing to return. It’s true, it may not be for everyone, but so you know for sure, here’s why you should take the trip up at least once:

The Trail System.

There’s plenty to explore; complete with a total of 42+ different day trails and 30 night trails, ranging in grade from Green Circles (beginner level) to Double Black Diamonds (expert level), there will be a preference and variety of options from the first time novice to the seasoned veterans. Stay safe, compliant, and choose whichever you are most comfortable with conquering so as to prevent any, or minimal injuries. Remember, you’re there to experience those thrills!

Also know that comfortably traversing these trails will leave you with feelings of adrenaline, pride and accomplishment after sliding from the summit to the base, since Blue Mountain’s grade of hills are slightly more challenging and competitive than those of other Resorts in Ontario. If you’ve just started learning to ski or snowboard, and are still taking on Green Circle and Blue Square hills starting at the summit by the time you leave (with minimal falls), that’s saying something!

The Village.

At the foot of the many trails, never dormant, lies the quaint resort, bustling with activity. Packed with skiers and snowboarders walking from lift to lift or others casually exploring for the day, the Village is host to a wide variety (over 50 to be exact) of restaurants, pubs, eateries, and shops, lining the streets at every turn. With so much to explore in such a small area, you’ll want to set aside at least an afternoon to get the most out of your visit. Just that amount of time spent in this intimate community will make you forget your troubles and wash away the everyday stresses of city life.

Here’s a suggestion: grab a hot drink, taste a Beavertail, heighten your senses by sampling a handful of hot sauces at the nearby Pepper Palace (buying a few bottles of your favorites), and take a leisurely stroll around the Village Square at night – just trust us, it’s magical. Still wondering what else there is to see and visit? View this list.

The Attractions and Tours off of the Slopes.

You’ve got a lot to fill your schedule with off of the slopes, so be sure to make it a (multi) day trip! Why not explore the scenery of the mountains/trails by way of the Hike N Tube, Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster, or Snowshoe to name a few? Or, if that’s not your fancy, why not venture off road (or trail in this case) with these few tours? It’s entirely up to you.

…and those are just the attractions you can partake in! These do not include the plethora of other events which are constantly being programmed at Blue Mountain weekly and monthly which are also available for the public to enjoy. What’s happening exactly? Find out on the Blue Mountain events calendar as well as The Village events calendar.

When the fun’s over, there’s always room for relaxation.

Whether you’re pairing it with your visit or not, ebb your bruises and falls by booking a session at and visiting one of the few spas in the vicinity close by to Blue Mountain Resort, namely this one for instance. You can thank us later. Just make sure you book a reservation beforehand, as the wait time upon opening is typically two to three hours long.

There’s much more to cover as to why you should take the trip up (and that’s just during the winter months!), but before you do (if you’ve never been), take the first step by checking out this guide to Blue Mountain which will provide you with a thorough overview of all the resort has to offer from lodging to the multiple additional activities.

We also recommend visiting Blue Mountain’s website so you can dive deeper into the details yourself – we’ve only covered a portion of how you can best make the most of your visit. Have a revitalizing time!

So, you’re standing at the edge of that hill at the summit, and you take off! You’re picking up increased speed as you swerve (or gun it) down the mountain side, and a sort of calmness overtakes you. Your mind frees itself of all thought, and your only focus is this: straight in front of you.


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