Head for the Beaches…International Jazz Festival!

Head for the Beaches…International Jazz Festival!

You might be thinking to yourself, “Didn’t I just see a post last month from Phillips on an event quite similar?” You’re right, you did, and every summer, Toronto also hosts another jazz festival during almost the full month of July. That being, the Beaches International Jazz Festival. Before you decide to get going, right after you read this, we figured we’d provide you with a few fun facts first. Why should you go?


1. You’re on the beach! Well, almost. What could be more scenic, though, than this neighbourhood, as you enjoy a lineup of stellar entertainment? Speaking of which…

2. Sooo many concerts and events! Beach Village Music Series. Streetfest. Big Band Jazz Stage. Workshops. Beaches Jazz Fun Run. Just check this out and confirm for yourself. We’re not even kidding, it’s a jaw dropper. This is great, because it means that you get to…

3. Discover your new favorite local talent. Toronto has a plethora of emerging and established talent within its respected arts communities. You will for sure have the opportunity to enjoy some more prominent headliners here, but also choose to hear out Toronto’s up and comers as well! They’ll surprise you, no doubt! While you’re doing that…

4. Meet like-minded individuals with an appreciation for the arts. At an event like this one, you’re certain to make some new friends and acquaintances who are there for the same reasons you are; love, appreciation and support of good music.

5. It’s free! Great (and local) entertainment, and for just a little bit less than your sometimes average $100.00 to $300.00 concert ticket prices? Doesn’t that sound slightly more enticing?

6. You still have time! We’ve definitely brought this point up a few times before (oh yeah, it was for this post), but it still applies. The Beaches Jazz Festival may be quickly approaching it’s end, but the fun continues up until the end of this weekend on July 29th. Why not check out Streetfest, taking place today through Saturday, among the many other events available while you can?


There is honestly so much to see and do at this festival, that you’re better off finding out all details (including directions and F.A.Q.’s) on the official event website as well. But…


Waait one minute! Before you head out the door, leaving yourself just enough time to show up for your favorite event(s) for the day (or evening), make sure that you have this key item in hand. Okay, now go have fun!


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